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About Us

After two years of planning and looking for an ideal location, we are excited to have opened Grand Army Tavern in Woodlawn. Grand Army is named after Grand Army Plaza, a stop on the 2/3 train in Brooklyn, New York, where we met for our first date. We've opened the Tavern to create a neighborhood place that has scrumptious food and drink in a comfortable environment. As a husband-and-wife team, this place is an extension of our home and we are eager to welcome you. We love to hear feedback so if you can't see us and give us a shout-out, then you can always email us at

We are committed to providing delicious, sustainable food, and one of the ways we do that is with in-house, whole animal butchery. Bringing in whole pigs is better for the animals because it supports farms who raise them humanely, it enables the farmer to afford to care for the animals well, and it ultimately ends up tasting better on your plate. It also means we use every part of the pig, so there is no waste. Because of this, we sometimes run out of a certain cut of meat before others, but those delicious riblets will be back on the menu in no time. 

As for cocktails, we love the classics and want to do them justice with precise measurements and fresh juice. All of our juice is freshly squeezed, and all of our syrups are made in-house; we always have something cooking and percolating. We think drinking, like eating, is something that can be both playful and delicious. 

-Anna & George